Current Promotions:

No current promotions - Stay tuned


All photos taken are checked, edited if needed then given to you in digital format with no strings attached. Prints, photo frames and customisedalbums are available [enquire within].


Photos of Pagan Festivals/Sabbaths/Hand-fasting/Rituals:

Would you like your ritual or Sabbath captured on camera? We would love to come along and slip into the shadows, unobtrusively snapping photos in the background while respecting your intimate ceremony. We are mindful of different elements such as circles being cast, entities involved, and are willing to work with whatever energies you bring to your event.

Stock photos on demand:

New stock images coming soon - custom stock available any-time (I.e. for websites/portfolio background).

Photos for business use:

When starting out with your brand new business, it's essential that you can showcase what you can provide, by showing the world just exactly what you do. Wolf & Oak Photography allows you to do so, by giving you exclusive rights to your images - allowing you to use the images for your website and other marketing material.

Creative photo shoots:

We can combine the elements of Photoshop, sun and camera flashes, to provide you with an interesting background for your photos. Whether you are after the magical enchanted forest/home of the mystical fairies, or deep and dark, Gothic-inspired haunted vibe, we would love to help you create images that evoke deep feelings and thoughts.


Whimsical Entertainment

An amazing way to celebrate your child's special day - Delivering beautiful characters for your party who can sing, dance, and even swim! (Well, swimming mainly done by Nerissa the Mermaid). Enquire within for special package deals involving Whimsical Entertainment and Wolf & Oak Photography!