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From darkness to light, mystical to mundane - Wolf & Oak Photography aims to capture your imagination by camera.

Anyone and everyone, animal or human, young and old, are welcome to come try our services.


A key skill that a most photographers need is the ability to make their clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. Better yet, a great photographer should be able to meld into the background, capturing real-life moments without disturbing or invading  the moment (or subjects) that they've been asked to record. Wolf & Oak can achieve this by:

  • Establishing communication through email or face-to-face before a shoot, so that the clients are familiar with the photographer and feel at ease with our easy-going, approachable staff. We will listen to your needs, and will work with you to find a method that both you and the photographer are comfortable with.
  • For camera-shy subjects, or those that do not like 'posed' or instructive photos (i.e.. being told what to do and how to pose), we are able to put them at ease by staying in the background while we take images that are not pre-fabricated or posed. These photos are amazing, in that they can capture memories and moments that are not forced, but real.
  • For those that do prefer direction, we can provide this by working with the client in choosing background, poses, and make suggestions as to what may work and what should be avoided. Depending on the client's comfort, we're happy to spontaneously come up with ideas as they come, or can list a few ideas ahead, practice them, and then let the client pick what they want. We are more than happy to listen to your ideas, no matter how 'out there' they are, and try to cater to your needs.
  • We are open minded. If you have an idea for a photo shoot that most might baulk at (provided it is not illegal, pornographic or immoral), we can discuss options. If you wish for a ritual, Pagan event, something a little out-worldly  or traditional to be photographed, know that we are comfortable and aware that this is a sacred moment and space that we are entering, and we are honoured to be invited to it. For those that have circles cast or sacred space involved, we will clarify ahead where this is and whether you wish for us to be in it or outside, so that we do not disturb the event itself. We have been to Handfastings and Sabbaths, and have developed beautiful images to give to our clients as mementos of the event.
  • To the alternative folk out there in Melbourne, we see you and love your style! Our photographers have dabbled in different genres, and love taking photos of goths, punks, tattooed or pierced guys and girls, and any others that the majority of society may run and hide from. If you wish to have your portrait photos taken, or even have group photos or couple/family photos done, in macabre or darkness, we're ready to spook it up as much as possible. Please note, we also are happy to provide photo-manipulation as an extra service - so if you wish for a profile photo or fangs added, eyes altered, etc., we will do our best to cater to your desires.


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